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Art has always been an integral part of my life, a passion that permeates everything that I do. As a tattoo artist, I get to bring that love of art to life and share it with so many people. This is why Joa Antoun Tattoos stand out. 

I earned a degree in graphic design and got my start working for a firm. In 2014, while still in university, I became fascinated with the art of tattooing, utilizing my graphics training to come up with simple but dynamic tattoos. I continued tattooing through university and after because I wanted to put something on someone’s body that they could carry for the rest of their lives. I could affect people in such a personal and interesting way by giving them a tattoo that was meaningful both to them and to me. In december 2016 I decided to make tattooing my full time job and started my journey.

I became involved with an international community of tattooists in Istanbul after traveling there back in 2018, and while working side-by-side with these artists I honed my craft as a professional tattooist. Since then, I have returned to Istanbul a number of times and traveled to other countries to serve guest spots, tattooing clients from all over the world.
The first tattoo convention I've participated in was in 2018 which took place in Cezanne, France. The first tattoo guest spot that I've been chosen to take part in was in Rome, Italy year 2018. 

My studio in Beirut, where I call home, has been a welcoming place for clients and creatives, for my team and I maintain a standard of professionalism and hygiene unmatched by other tattoo studios in Lebanon since 2017. Known throughout the region for my fine, delicate lifework and acute attention to detail, clients across Lebanon and even from elsewhere around the world visit my studio due to the quality experience they receive. 

From the nurturing of an idea, to the development of a design, and onwards to the completion of a tattoo to the lasting aftercare, my team and I make sure every client receives the comfort and creativity that makes us great. 

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Free Breast Cancer Reconstruction Tattoos

After a personal and extremely emotional experience with a breast cancer survivor, Joa started her extensive research in nipple reconstruction and scar coverups. She learned the distress and trauma breast cancer patients live with and decided to rejuvenate women's confidence in themselves by offering a coverup for their disturbing experience either by a realistic nipple tattoo or by a design that would conceal the scar.

All of this is offered for free in the goal to refresh the woman's faith in herself again.

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How can I book an appointment?
You can message us via Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or contact us by email. It would be helpful to include your design or your design idea, as well as approximate size and placement. For cover-up tattoos, we suggest you call and schedule a consultation so we can see your tattoo in-person.
What is the minimum age for a client?
We welcome clients 19 years old and older.
Can I schedule walk-in appointments?
Due to the high volume of customers we accommodate, we suggest booking your tattoo at least a week in advance for smaller tattoos and a month in advance for larger tattoos. For visitors staying in Lebanon for a very short time, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to schedule your tattoo experience. 
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Yes, getting a tattoo hurts, but everyone’s tolerance is different and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it! Also, tattoos hurt three times less than laser removal!
What’s the healing process like?

Tattoos, depending on the size, take about two weeks to heal. A few days after getting a tattoo, you will notice the area starting to “scab”. This is normal and it simply means the top layer of skin is coming off in order to make room for healthy fresh skin. The scab will be the color of your tattoo, but that is normal as well. Make sure you do not itch, scratch, or pull off this skin as it could compromise the finished look of the tattoo. We also suggest you put a very thin layer of cream on your tattoo twice daily until the tattoo is completely healed. We can happily suggest various brands of cream to use if you contact us on one of our social media outlets.  

What should I avoid after getting a tattoo?
To ensure your tattoo looks its best after healing, make sure you avoid sports activities for at least five days after a tattoo, as sweating can affect your fresh ink. Also, swimming is to be avoided for hygienic reasons, though short showers are fine. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight while your tattoo is healing, and make sure throughout the lifespan of your tattoo you apply sunscreen regularly even after healing. 
What should I do before coming in for my tattoo?
Make sure you have a good night’s rest and that you have a proper meal before you come in for your tattoo. Also, remember to hydrate frequently before and during your tattoo experience. It’s better to avoid drinking at least 24 hours before your tattoo, as alcohol thins the blood and can affect the healing process of a tattoo if you bleed too much.
What is the minimum price, and how much will the whole tattoo cost me?
Minimum charge is $100, but overall price depends on the size, location and detail of a tattoo. Contact us for more pricing info.  
How do I pay for my tattoo?
We accept cash and credit card payment.